A while ago, I recall coming across some Chinese loanwords that not only sounded like their foreign language (usually English) counterparts, but whose characters also carried roughly that same meaning.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the examples now, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a term for this type of word? Also, I would like to know what such examples of this phenomenon other people have encountered.


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Here are some examples of those

  • 基因 - gene
  • 嬉皮士 - hippies
  • 脱口秀 - talk show
  • 霸凌 - bully
  • 流明 - lumen
  • 黑客 - hacker
  • 对偶 - dual
  • 蕾丝 - lace
  • 费 - fee

And some others

  • 席梦思 - Simmons
  • 可口可乐 - Coca Cola
  • 必应 - Bing
  • 翡冷翠 - Firenze (Italy)
  • 氕 - protium
  • 氘 - deuterium
  • 氚 - tritium

The term for this kind of words is 外来词 or 外来语. E.g. 酷: cool; 巧克力: chocolate; etc.

You can have a search for 外来词 or 外来语 to get more. This is from Baidu.

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