I'm familiar with duplication of nouns to mean "all" or "every", such as

Everyone is responsible for cleaning up.

If you study well you will improve every day.

Can the same structure be used for any noun?

All dogs have tails (?)

Both of my legs hurt and both of my hands are cold (?)

All pandas are cute (?)

Are these acceptable sentences?

  • 手手 腿腿 or something like this seems too cute to be widely used in daily life. If you talk like this on a daily basis, people would think you too pretentious. Although these might be frequently used to talk with toddlers. Anyway, these are not regularly used in communications, let alone in formal texts.
    – xbh
    Oct 24 '18 at 1:36
  • 手手 or 腿腿 or 狗狗 do not mean "all" or "every", it is just a "cute" way of saying things.
    – fefe
    Oct 24 '18 at 4:00
  • And note that, the whole sentence is supposed to be cute to match 手手 etc. Say, 来~把手手拿出来啦给爸比帮你洗洗白白噢☆(Never talk this way in daily life!) Oct 24 '18 at 9:03
  • Another side note, the use of dual character word may have different frequency in different Chinese accents. For exmaple, for people speaking Southwest Mandarin (西南官话) and Jin Chinese (晋语), they may say much more 叠词 in their daily communication. Oct 24 '18 at 23:01

You can do 狗狗, 腿腿 or 手手. But this usage doesn't show plural. Usually girls use these kinds of words to act cute.

熊猫 already contains two characters so we don't say 熊猫熊猫.


You may found that duplicating an object to means every object, the rule only apply to some date & time words or measure words. There are no general rules, just idiomatic expression.

年年 = 每年 every year
岁岁 = 每年 every year
月月 = 每月 every month
日日 = 每日 every day
天天 = 每天 every day
人人 = 每人 every body
个个 = 每个 every something
次次 = 每次 every time

分分秒秒 = every moment
时时刻刻 = every time
点点滴滴 = bits and pieces of life
年年岁岁 = every year


很遗憾,并不是所有名词都可以重复,这类重复的词称为叠词。 人人 AA type 金灿灿 ABB type 急急忙忙 AABB type 以上只是很少的几个例子,还有很多种结构

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