My question is related to the position of 给.

Do I say:





  • Sold to = 被卖给, so the 1st one. To complete, add a 了 to indicate the completion, like 被卖给了. The 2nd one seems a little bit problematic, since there are two words to indicate passive actions, which is not usually accepted when used in the same sentence. – xbh Oct 24 '18 at 1:41

The position of 给 in the first sentence you have is correct, you would just add 了 to indicate the completion of the act to make it flow better


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    Thanks, I knew there should be a 了 in there. I just corrected it. – Enrico Brasil Oct 24 '18 at 17:47

Some alternatives :

  1. 学校被卖给了那个公司。

  2. 学校被那个公司收购了/买走了。

  3. 学校被那个公司给收购了。

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