In English, sometimes we'll refer to a person whose name is unknown or undisclosed as "Person A" particularly in hypothetical scenarios. Does a similar thing exist in Chinese that doesn't make use of English letters?

  • Some other alternatives: 某甲,某乙,etc. – xbh Nov 8 '18 at 3:40

You would say


They come from 天干, you could also say


In the case where you know his or her surname, you could also say


In case if you want the specify that person's identity



In addition to those involving 某, as explained in other answers, there are some general names used quite often (e.g. in story-telling) like 张三 and 李四.

The complete list goes as: 刘一、陈二、张三、李四、王五、赵六、孙七、周八、吴九、郑十

Source: https://www.zhihu.com/question/63926768

  • Btw, I think this is the equivalent of John Doe (and Jane Doe) used in English. – zypA13510 Nov 25 '18 at 4:00

To refer to someone non-specific, you can say「某某/某人/某某人」.


Someone in my factory was stealing things. I won't mention him by name, but he should come forth honestly and explain himself.

To refer to Person A or Party A, for example in an agreement or contract, you can say 「甲方」(as opposed to Person/Party B「乙方」or both parties「雙方」).


有个人。 means someone/somebody whom you don't know.

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