So what does the word 啊 actually use for? I have seen it being use for some sentence but don’t really know when to use it

Also my teacher said to me that depending on the word 啊 goes with it will have different pronunciation. For example if it goes with 来 or 走 she told me 啊 kinda read out like “yà” while with看 or 想 the 啊 like become part of the pronunciation so ”看啊” is spoken like “kàn’à”

  • 啊is always pronounced as a, with different tones, but not ya, that is a different character呀, which doesn't have too much semantic difference. Depending on dialects, 啊or呀 may be used more or less often. Commented Nov 13, 2018 at 2:37
  • cf. "对外汉语常用词语对比例释" "啊" 受前一音节尾音的影响 ,常发生几种音变现象。具体规则如下。1。前一音节尾音是 a、e、i、u 的,读作 "ia",写作"呀":爬呀 唱歌呀 来呀真累呀 吃鱼呀 2。前一音尾音是 u、ou、ao 的,读作 "ua",写作"哇":哭哇 快修哇 游哇 多好哇 要哇 3。前一音节尾音是 n 的,读作 "na",写作"哪":干哪 喊哪 戒烟哪 真热心哪 4。有时,还会出现与前一音节合音的现象,即前一音节声母与"a"合为一个音节。(1)前一个词是"了"的,"了+ 啊"读作"la",写作"啦":长这么高啦 不走啦 学会啦 住了五年啦(2)前一个词是"呢"的,"呢 + 啊"读作"na",写作"哪":时间还早着哪 天热着哪 自尊心强着哪
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I am not sure about your teacher's opinion, it seems like she would want to use 呀 for the desired pronunciation .

Though, 啊 does have many tones, it can express feeling of surprise in first and third tone, it can express the meaning of asking in second tone, it can express meaning of adorable, getting it or surprise in fourth tone.

It can also mean a lot in its light tone.

You would be able to find all those in a dictionary, but keep in mind, it is not that strict, so use your intuition.


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