I was reading a conversation and came to these sentences :

爸爸 :双十一是什么?

妈妈 :就是11月11号的网上购物节,在网上买东西很便宜。

I was wondering why it's 号 instead of 日. I then checked it on the dictionary and found out that 号 can mean "the day of the month".

I have looked for an answer but not sure whether or not what I found is correct. It's said that 日 is more formal than 号 and that 号 is used when you speak casually. Is that true? And is there any more difference between both words?

Thank you.

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    Yes, what you said is correct for your context. – dan Nov 13 '18 at 14:28
  • X 号 originally means Number X, but still used for day of month in spoken language, X 日 is used in written language. – 賈可 Jacky Jun 18 '19 at 11:00

You are indeed correct, 日 is more formal than 号。

Say if you are chatting with someone, you would normally use 号 instead of 日。

But if you are writing an official document, you would want to use 日。

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日:day;号:the rank number

11号:the 11th day of the month. But Chinese prefer a concise expression, just 11th,that is 11号

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