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Help me please! I feel so guilty without knowing what it means! Thanks..

  • it is the Chinese character 真, which mean "true/ real" – Tang Ho Nov 17 '18 at 0:46

As an adjective, it means something that is true, real, very.

For example,

真好!: Really good!

真的吗? :Is that true?

真理: The truth

真舒服: Very comfortable!

真实情况: The actual situation.

Here are some helpful link: http://www.trainchinese.com/v2/wordDetails.php?rAp=0&wordId=3619 https://chinese.yabla.com/chinese-english-pinyin-dictionary.php?define=%E7%9C%9F http://dictionary.pinpinchinese.com/definitions/s/真-zhen

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