Is this above sentence correct? My question is related to the existence of 太, which seems odd.

If it's wrong, how would I say "Some players are equally very good"?


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    I think a little more context might be needed. For example there's this video on QQ entitled: 小脸蛋跟果冻一样太好摸啦, where the snippet 一样太好 is okay. – user3306356 Dec 12 '18 at 17:19
  • As an aside, I would consider some players are equally very good as waffle-language. You should rather say: several players (of some group) are equally skilled, which overall is easier to translate. – dROOOze Dec 13 '18 at 12:03


Some players are equally very good.

If you want to use 一样, then 一些队员也是一样很好的.

太 can not be used in comparing context, it is like the superlative, no others are good like them.

So you can say 一些队员太好了, without a comparing adverb, like 一样, 同样, etc...

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  • I liked you comment on 太 being like the superlative. How do you feel about 一些队员一样很好 then? I think the problem is having ANY intensifier there, no matter it's 太, 很, 非常... – Enrico Brasil Dec 14 '18 at 13:53
  • Absolutely ok, 一样非常好, 一样极好,一样特别好 are all ok. The difference is 一样 sounds more emphatic than 同样. – Jacob Dec 14 '18 at 15:39

Is ”一些队员一样太好“ correct?

  • '队员' implies the players are 'team members'. If you meant players of a team sport involving a ball, you should use '球员' ; If you meant players of an individual sport involving a ball, you should use '球手'. If a sport doesn't involve a ball, then the people who participate in that sport are not called 'player'

  • '一样' could mean 'also'; '同样' is a better translation for 'equally'

  • 太 doesn't mean 'very'. It means 'too ~' or 'overly'.

  • 'very' in Chinese is: '非常', '很' or '十分'

  • to describe a player as 'good', using '好' is too general (it could mean he is a good person). You should use a more specific term like '优秀/卓越 (brilliant)' or '有才华'(talented)

"some players are equally brilliant/ talented"


一些 (some) | players (球员) | 同样 (are equally) | 非常 (very) | 优秀 (brilliant)


一些 (some) | players (球员) | 同样 (are equally) | 非常 (very) | 有才华 (talented)

Other choices





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一些队员一样太好 doesn't sound right.

"Some players are equally very good" could be: 有些队员也非常不错 or 有些队员也非常棒.

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一些队员一样太好...That do sounds odd...We don't say that ,you can say "一些队员同样特别好" 一样=同样 太=特别

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