Depression is a word used to describe a 人 who feels a sadness that is buried deeply in heart and mind.

What word is used to refer to this kind of depression?

If you can think of any idioms or sayings that relates to the word 'depression' in Chinese, I would appreciate your sharing of it in the comments too.


The common term would be 抑郁。

There is a type of mental disorder in that name, called major depressive disorder.

However, if you are not referring to the disease, you would say



  • Is 压抑 considered "depression"? Maybe sometimes it is close, but in more broader sense it would be "opressed", no?
    – Blaszard
    Dec 20 '18 at 0:46
  • 1
    see e.g. bkrs.info/slovo.php?ch=%E5%8E%8B%E6%8A%91
    – user6065
    Dec 20 '18 at 1:24
  • @Blaszard I would say oppress is better translated to 压迫。
    – zyy
    Dec 20 '18 at 4:32
  • 1
    压抑 is actually better translated as repressed, as in: repressed emotions, etc.
    – Mou某
    Dec 20 '18 at 4:44
  • @user3306356 You are right, thanks.
    – zyy
    Dec 20 '18 at 4:55

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