According to the dictionaries, the character 绍 means "to carry on, to continue". Looking at its etymology, I found nowhere saying nothing else from it being composed of silk (纟) and the sound 召 [zhao]. Even back in the days it had the meaning "to inherit, to carry on a tradition" and I can't see where the silk comes in.

Apart from that, where does the meaning "to carry on, to continue" relates to the word 介绍? It seems today 绍 is mostly used in the word 介绍 and in city names, like in 绍兴.

1 - Why does 绍 have a silk in it?
2 - What's the meaning of 绍 in 介绍?


  • bkrs:绍:(4) 介绍, 为人引见, 使相互认识 [introduce] 绍我周王见休。 --《孟子》 胜请为绍介。 --《史记·鲁仲连传》 士为绍摈。 --《仪礼·聘礼》 介(5) 介绍 [introduce] 其所以相亲也, 不介而自亲。 --李康《命运论》 accordingly 介绍 could be considered a 复合词 of type 联合型(并列型)(see e.g. zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/…) – user6065 Dec 23 '18 at 21:35

Just my opinion after a quick look!

1 - Why does 绍 have a silk in it?


绍: (1) (形声。从糸( mì),召声。本义:继承;紧密连续)

I would say, 糸( mì) is not really silk, just a figurative thread, band or bond.

Doesn't a thread, for example, in chinese.stackexchange.com, carry on? The idea is not new.

形声: 召声 is the sound of 绍.

2 - What's the meaning of 绍 in 介绍?


介:在两者中间: 介于两者之间。between both sides (friendship)
绍: 连续 go on without stopping

introduce: the etymology is not clear, but may be:
intro- means in (between)
ducere: lead (the one to the other perhaps)

Overall: 介绍: between (2 or more people) tie a bond which (hopefully) lasts.

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