On a little trip, I picked up these phrases:

in 重庆:

lan gou: seems to be 怎么
lei si: seems to be 这是

In 怀化 (aka Feifa): me xiaodei seems to be 我晓得

Did I hear correctly?

  • “me xiaodei” sounds like 莫晓得;不晓得, which means 不知道.
    – dan
    Jan 23 '19 at 7:20

lan gou in Chongqingese should be:

lang3 go4
[Ĩaŋ⁴¹ ko²¹³]
(代) 怎么

or with er-hua:

lang3 ger4
[Ĩaŋ⁴¹ kər²¹³]
(代) 怎么

the second one lei si should be:

le2 si4
[Ĩe²¹ sɿ²¹³]
(代) 这是。

Here's Bridge saying 勒是雾都, Chongqingese for 这是重庆:

enter image description here

In Sichuanese and Chongqingese me is more likely to be 没 or 莫, but Hunan might be a whole other tiger all together.

最土、最闷骚的方言:怀化话 does say this though:

毛晓得------------------- 不知道

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