I tried to translate these sentences from a convo and got a weird translation.


Light blue will not be divided by war.


The green country scrapes the end.


Again, light blue

Could someone tell me if the translation is correct and what does it mean?

  • I think this question heavily lacks context. Are you perhaps talking about a world conquest game, where the countries are highlighted in different colours? – dROOOze Jan 28 '19 at 22:53
  • 淺藍不戰爭會被瓜分的 doesn't really make much sense to me since 戰爭 is a noun and 不 usually does not come before a noun. I'm guessing "Light blue will be divided and respectively owned (by other countries) if it does not go to war" – Ben Yang Jan 28 '19 at 22:54
  • YES haha Art of Conquest. I am from the light blue kingdom. Is he threatening to scratch us? @Ben Yang thanks for the confirmation. That's what thought. – gigantea8 Jan 28 '19 at 23:20

淺藍(light blue)不(don't)戰爭(war)會(will)被瓜分(be divided)的

Translated it means: Light blue will be divided if it does not "war".

However, 戰爭 means war, whereas 戰鬥 is the word to fight. Based on the context it would seem like a typo here. So the corrected sentence would be 淺藍不戰鬥會被瓜分的.


Translated it means: Green is now divided.

I don't think theres this word 刮分. It's likely another typo since they both have the same pinyin guā. It should be the one above, 瓜分(divide).

再(again)來(come)是(is)淺藍(light blue)

Translated it means: Next would be light blue.

再來是(literally, coming again is) when used together means "next up is". You can think if it as you are playing a series of chess games, the game master would say "再來是[Insert name here]" to announce that the person is coming up next.

再來是(next up is) is implying that something is happening and something else is next. Based on the context of the conversation, you can imply that what they are saying as:

"Green is now divided, light blue is next."

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