A martlet is:

... a heraldic charge depicting a stylized bird similar to a swift or a house martin, with stylized feet.

"Martlet" is not present in my Chinese dictionary, and Google Translate does not produce any results.

So how can I write "martlet" in Chinese?

Context: I am describing the appearance of a martlet in the coat of arms of a particular university.


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This looks like an extremely specialised field; I have no better suggestions than to describe it literally:


A charge depicting a martlet.


enter image description here


martlet /märtlət/

If there's no official translation, you can always use transliteration. For example 瑪勒鳥 (Mǎ Lēi bird)

Or you can call it '無足燕' , based on the description "swallow without feet"


seems like user3306356 had found the official translation of martlet-- '无足鸟'(no feet bird) ; But I wonder, if it is a kind of swallow, why not call it '無足燕'(no feet swallow)?

学名岩燕 (scientific name:rock swallow), may be '岩燕' is a better choice?



无足鸟,又称圣马丁鸟,学名岩燕,居住在山岩峭壁之上。 因此人们看不到它们休息,只见到圣马丁鸟无休无止的在空中飞翔,一生艰辛,因此有了无足鸟的美丽传说。

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