The dictionary defines both 图画 and 绘画 as drawing & painting. Can both words be used interchangeably? Is there any difference in the words in terms of usage?


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  • 图画:drawing, CAD drawings/blueprint/construction drawing .etc
  • 绘画:painting,Art painting/oil painting/literary sketch/photographic painting .etc
  • 画画: “画画是一种在二维的平面上以手工方式临摹自然的艺术”,nowadays,its more for kids.

图画: /tu2 hua4/ is a noun for 'picture', 'drawing' or 'illustration'

绘画: /hui4 hua4/ is a verb for 'to draw', 'to paint' or 'to illustrate'

"图画" = [图 (picture) + 画 (drawing)]. It is a compound word noun

"绘画" = [绘 (to draw) + 画 (drawing)]. It is a compound word verb

  • Ohh I see. Let's say I wanna make a sentence about "I painted that painting". Is 那张图画是我绘画的。correct?
    – Nephilim
    Commented Feb 20, 2019 at 11:12
  • I think 绘画 can also be used as a noun. These two are both rather formal words. In casual conversations you usually just say 那张画是我画的。"绘画" when used as a verb has the implication that the person is rather skilled, so you don't really use it to describe yourself. Some example sentences: 印度绘画非常有名。他在绘画时非常认真。小朋友喜欢看图画书。墙上有许多图画。
    – Ben Yang
    Commented Feb 20, 2019 at 15:08

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