I am watching 天下一碗 , in this link, ChengXi says that his friend HuaQiang 革去功名

Does it mean that he got famous in a revolution or reformist group? as he got involved in a political movement? and that he will always be in trouble?

Or does it mean he lost his honor and name? and became considered a traitor?

I searched but did not find any explanation online.



革: [3] [v] get rid of; dismiss; abolish

革 = remove (verb)

去 = away (result complement)

功名 = scholarly honour plus official position (noun)

革去功名 means "strip away all titles and government positions

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    thanks so much Tang Ho , so that's what it means ... I just learned a new vocabulary, best ! +1
    – SmootQ
    Feb 26 '19 at 21:58

It means something akin to "remove his rank/honor".


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