I have an item with Chinese writing on it. Can anyone help me identify it / how old it is?

any help would be greatly appreciated...


enter image description here

  • Ancient Japanese money: 札所 龍見四郎右衛門・酒屋宗八郎・的場長兵衛 – sunfy Mar 3 '19 at 6:51

芝村 (Shibamura) is an Edo-era Japanese feudal domain, which is located in 大和国 (Yamato Province), which also known as 和州 (Washū).


札所 is a Japanese term

札所: 仏教の霊場の称。巡礼者が参詣のしるしとして札を受けたりおさめたりするところ

The name of a Buddhist sanctuary. Where pilgrims accept tags as signs of pilgrimage.

和州, 芝村 is a place's name, but 和州 in Google search doesn't seem to exist in today's China

The names at the bottom are all Japanese names

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