I checked the meaning for all 3 words and it appears that: 也许 = maybe, perhaps, probably / 或许 = maybe, perhaps, probably"/ 可能 = possibly, possible, maybe, perhaps. It seems to me that 也许 and 或许 have exactly the same meaning while 可能 looks a little different. I'm not sure if each of them are supposed to have a certain situation to be used. What situation do I use each word?


see e.g.bkrs: 可能 might (happen) possible probable possibility probability maybe perhaps #170

也许 perhaps; probably; maybe #676

或许 perhaps maybe #2652

coclusion: 可能 unlike other 2 can be noun and includes "possible, possibility" ("literal" translation of 可能), can be used as adjective (see sample phrases with 可能的) 可能,也许 include "probably",或许 does not (lower degree of likelihood), also note frequency ranks with 可能 most frequent, much more at bkrs

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