So I'm trying to learn Taiwanese Mandarin, and apparently they don't really use the neutral tone, but if that's the case how do you say things like 子,了, and 的?

  • Taiwanese Mandarin basically are same with Mandarin, basically.
    – sfy
    Commented Mar 8, 2019 at 12:02
  • They use neutral tone, just much less often. And it's just an accent of Mandarin, just like so many Mandarin accents used all over the world Commented Mar 16, 2019 at 2:45

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I guess you are talking about 輕聲.


In addition to the first, second, third, and fourth tones, there is a 輕聲 (light tone) in Taiwan. It is also known as the fifth tone or the neutral tone.


The mark is a small dot. When the text is written vertically, it is marked at the top. In a horizontal print, it is marked on the left.

For example,

enter image description here

You can search 注音符號發音教學 on the YouTube site.


I think there must be some confusion here.

Neutral tones definitely exist in Taiwanese Mandarin.

There's even a paper here called A Study of Neutral-Tone Syllables in Taiwan Mandarin in which the contours of the neutral -le, -de and -zi are discussed in depth.

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