Please help me in translating this pic into English

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Here is a transcript:

生产日期:2017.12 使用期限:5年

Here is my translation:

Model: PE-B
Serial Number: 2017110422
Date of Production: 2017.12 [December 2017] Period of use: 5 years
Battery: CR2032(DC3V)x2 [CR2032 is the battery, DC3V means direct current 3 volts, and x2 is two of them]
Manufacturer: Shanghai Yueguang Medical Technology Ltd.
Registered Address: Shanghai, Baoshan [area], Hequ Road, No. 118, Room 6564, 201900 [area code]
Manufacturing Address: Shanghai, Hongkou [area], Wujin Road, No. 456, Rooms A9001 and A9002
Usage: Temperature: 10°C to 45°C; Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%; Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kilopascals to 106 kilopascals;
Storage and Transportation: -20°C to 55°C;
Medical Appliances Registration Certificate: Hu [means Shanghai] Appliance Registration 20162210201
Manufacturing Permit: Hu [Shanghai] Medicine Manufacturing Permit No. 20162162

Hope this helps!

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