As the title says, I am looking for an app to learn stroke order and writing chinese characters. Ideally, the software would eventually teach me to draw a character (with my fingers on the touchscreen) based on a given Pinyin, and verifies if I obey the stroke order and the direction of the strokes.

If that app contains about thousand characters it would be enough for the beginning. I find it vain to do this on paper using animations like those available online. Since the chinese language kit on the phone already recognizes drawings of characters (cf. this post), this should be easily implemented and was probably already done.

I am interested in the simplified characters with their official stroke order. Please do not say that this is "off-topic". It is vital for me to learn this. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  • Thank you! Skritter looks great. I was not aware of it, and unable to find it alone. – user66288 Mar 24 at 13:22
  • I wrote up an answer instead. – user3306356 Mar 24 at 13:33

I know of two apps:

  1. Pleco with Stroke Order Add-on Pleco is a comprehensive free Chinese app with many paid-for add-ons. IIRC, you can download a free trial of the stroke order.

  2. estroke This is a dedicated paid-for stroke order app. It also pronounces the name of the stroke while drawing the character. I find the interface messy.

PS: Which system do you use? Android or iOS?

  • Thanks nemu. I am using Android. Because Skritter is expensive, I also looked for alternatives. The one you give (Pleco+Add-on) sounds reasonable and cheaper. I can also recommend the webpage yellowbridge yellowbridge.com/chinese/… It offers stroke order diagrams with learning interface. – user66288 Mar 26 at 11:43

Have you tried Skritter?

They offer:

Handwriting Recognition
With Skritter you write characters in your browser and get real-time grading.

Which sounds like what you are looking for.


I take advantage of both Pleco and Skritter. I use Pleco for looking up the meaning of Chinese words and use Skritter to save words then play games with words I've saved before to remember stroke order and components of Chinese characters

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