What would be the correct translation for 包饺子 ?
Is it a word of 3 hanzi, or just a sentence wrap... dumplings ?
包 is used as a verb or a name ?
Many dictionaries give " to wrap meat dumpling ", and 包 is also a measure word!
What about the verb to stuff ? stuffed dumplings ?

thanking you

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包餃子 just means to make (wrap) dumplings - it is not a three character word. Consider the similar phrase


To dress wounds (wrap wounds in bandages)

To say to stuff, you can use the verb 塡 (to fill).


Put the stuffing in the turkey


Many Chinese characters have multiple functions


[1] [v] wrap; pack; bundle

[2] [n] [classifier] package; bundle; sack; packet; parcel

[3] [n] bun (food)

[4] [v] include; contain; cover

[5] [v] undertake; guarantee; assure

[6] [v] charter; hire; contract

[7] [v] surround; encircle; envelop

包 in 包饺子 is a verb for "to wrap"

To pack filling into bun is called "包饀" (包 is verb ; 饀 is noun)

'to stuff' filling into food items in Chinese is 釀 as in 釀豆腐, 釀青椒

'to fill' sausage in Chinese is 灌 as in 灌香腸


While this could be construed as a construct of 包 and 饺子, I'd argue that it is a single word.

ABC and KEY both list 包饺子 as a


a verb-object word.

ABC even defines it as:

1 V.O. wrap meat dumplings

2 COLL. surround and annihilate

Especially now that 包饺子 has a phrasal usage it is more likely to be considered a single word - one with a literal meaning and one with a figurative meaning.

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