Google Translate says job offer is 工作機會.

This doesn't feel right.

How do you say job offer in Cantonese and Mandarin?

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'Job offer' is a noun. It means 工作提案 in literal sense

聘用提案 (hiring offer) world be a better Chinese counterpart

you can also use a more literary term '邀聘' [invite to a job(v); job invitation (n)]



The opening of a grand hotel requires hiring of a large number of employees in various departments.

(招聘 means calling for people to apply for the positions)


And I want to invite the head chef of XX Hotel to serve as the executive chef.

(邀請 means 'to invite')


But how the head chef of XX Hotel thinks of this job invitation?

邀聘 as a verb means 'invite to a job' (邀請受聘)

邀聘 as a noun means 'hiring invitation' (聘用邀請)

(This job is only offered to you, we are not opening this position to the public)


Finally, the head chef of XX Hotel accepted our job invitation


Finally, the head chef of XX Hotel accepted our job offer

side note:

In Cantonese, 'hotel' is '酒店' , 'head chef' is 大廚 or 頭廚

In Mandarin, 'hotel' is '飯店' , head chef' is 總廚


colloquially most people just say "offer" instead of trying to translate it. In formal documents it may say 录用信/录用函.

  • 录用信/录用函 means "hiring confirmation letter" If you applied for a job, you will either get a "hiring confirmation letter" or "rejection letter"
    – Tang Ho
    Commented Apr 10, 2019 at 7:31

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