The beginning of Press-Ganging Able-Bodied Men《抓壮丁》has the following passage filled with three consecutive lines starting with left tortoise shell brackets (〔) :

enter image description here

and transcription:


I find it especially interesting that the brackets don't close, i.e.: you don't see the opposite facing tortoise shell bracket (〕) close off the sentences.

What role do these "〔" brackets play here?

  • 六角符號 "〔〕"多被稱爲"舞臺提示符號"。另一半"〕"不寫的原因嘛,可能是被英語標點用法的習慣影響的。例: style.mla.org/speech-paragraphs-quotation-marks Use a closing quotation mark, however, only at the end of the person’s speech, not at the end of every paragraph.
    – dROOOze
    Commented Apr 11, 2019 at 9:38

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What you are reading is a play script.

It is one of the common ways to mark non-dialogue lines in the script with "〔" or "[" ahead of the line. So in this case it's not actually functioning as half bracket, but rather just a head mark.

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