I am currenly looking for the small seal character for the words 生 (Sheng) and 智 (Hui)? Which I cannot find in the wiktionary.

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    智 (Hui) 智 is zhì. Maybe you're looking for 慧...
    – dROOOze
    May 4 '19 at 0:57
  • Go to zdic.net, look up the character, and click on 字源字形。 May 4 '19 at 11:24

enter image description here

Each character are written by 吴让之 and the whole picture is made here.


Did you mean you want to convert them to small seal characters? If so, you can use this converter. If you do not know a lot of Chinese yet, just enter the Chinese words you want to convert in the big box next to "内容", then hit the button shows "在线转换" (with 2 arrows goes around each other, looks like a refresh icon, on the left of the texts). Then you should get small seal characters (小篆).


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