Today, while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I found this saying :


I wonder what 有多 means. I tried to look for its meaning on the dictionary but it's not listed as a single word.

Could someone please explain its meaning and function here? Thanks in advance.

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有多 functions similar to "being how" in English


完美= perfect

多完美 = how perfect

有多完美 = being how perfect

强大 = strong

多强大 = how strong

有多强大 = being how strong

Example sentence:

不管他技巧[有多]完美,實力[有多]强大, 他也不是我對手

No matter [how] perfect his skill [is], [how] strong his power [is], he is still no match for me.


You don't need to be absolutely perfect, you can also do it.
You don't need to be that perfect, you can also do it.

I understand 不需要有多完美 as: don't need to have great perfection, don't need that much perfection

How much do you love me?
How far is it from here to there?


有多 is not a phrase, so you won't find it in a dictionary. The right split is 你不需要有 | 多完美。means you don't have to be perfect to do something.

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