In the following phrase, what does 好 mean in this context?





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    副詞 (adv.) 7. 置於數量詞或時間詞之前,表示多(many/much/a lot)或久(long/lasting)的意思。
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The correct word boundary should be 好​一​番, which means a lot of. In your sentence, "we have to go through a lot of struggles."


'好' means 'quite' in ‘好一番’. '好' is adverb here.


经历​好:V+好,好 functions as complement of result 结果补语 cf.http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5f9ec9b00100i4jg.html 3、动词+好:晚饭做好了没有?我要写好毛笔字。这件事情我已经想好了。我们说好了一起回家。

Yufa! A Practical Guide to Mandarin Chinese Grammar, verbs associated with 好 meaning "properly" or "securely" are 学、做、放、带、拿、准备,etc.e.g.各位旅客请在座位上坐好,并且系好安全带,飞机就要起飞了。大家都准备好了吗?可以出发了吧? When 好 indicates completion of a task,an assignment,piece of work it shares similarities with 完,therefore they sometimes are interchangeable. However 好 tends to mean the completed work can be shown, whereas 完 indicates that once sth. is done it's gone.: verbs associated with this meaning are 作、写、画、洗、翻译,etc.e.g.王老师花了三年,才把那语法书写好。Compare 今天的功课真多,我写了三个多小时,还没写完。

here 挣扎 desperate struggle, ​番​ classifier for the frequency or number of times an action or deed is carried out - mostly used in idiomatic phrases, 好一番挣扎 numeral measure word combination 数词和量词 e.g. 费了好一番力气 I wasted a lot of effort, therefore 经历好一番挣扎 can mean "lived through/experienced/went through a good deal of desperate struggle"

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