I saw this Very frequently used word in Mandarin that sounds like "nica" or "nigah" question, but I often hear another word in Chinese Mandarin that sounds like "jigga." It seems to be used very frequently and is almost certainly not a reference to Jay-Z.

Does anyone know what it is?


The word that sounds like "jigga" would be:


and it means:

this / this one

It is sometimes also pronounced


Which would account for any variations in pronunciation that you might hear.

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Or perhaps 几个 (ji3 ge4) (which means "how many").

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"jigga" :几个 (ji3 ge4) it means 'how many?' or 'several'. it depends on your tone, query or indicative mood.

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Could also be 那个 (nèige) kinda sounds like a racial slur... It's like a pause or like the (well) in "well...i was just considering going shopping. Where in english you might say ummm or hmmm or well.

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