This is another part of the same book I posted on here yesterday - I'm certain I've got one of the characters, I'm unsure of another, and I'm really struggling with the last one. If anyone is able to read them it would be of immense help - contextually, it would make sense for it to be the title of an old Chinese poem.

I've gotten as far as (reading Right - Left) "X 厡(?) 圖"

Title in Seal

Also, if anyone is able to help with the seals in the below picture, that'd be great (they're a bit too artsy for me to read).

Thanks, Thomas.

Artist Seals

  • 秋原圖 the first three characters – Toosky Hierot May 14 at 9:20
  • Thanks @TooskyHierot! – TKNZ May 14 at 9:49
  • @TooskyHierot errrrrmmmm the first character is 桃. Second image, first two characters on the first seal are 明義 (both 明 and 義 uses variant shapes). Sorry, I only had time for a quick scan :) – droooze May 14 at 10:09
  • @droooze oh you r right it is 桃原圖 sorry – Toosky Hierot May 14 at 10:10

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