Notes under a mouse

Kindly help me translate these notes under a mouse :-)

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  • I am skeptical about your intention hum... This is the same handwriting as that in your last question. I am wondering why you don't just ask the writer? – Toosky Hierot May 28 at 13:37
  • And you label the question with both simplified and traditional Chinese, which means you don't have any idea of or you ve put no effort into it. – Toosky Hierot May 28 at 13:40
  • question submitted to bkrs.info/taolun/thread-314961.html – user6065 May 28 at 14:16

Tuesday night:

  1. Fry two chicken legs (add a few drops of oyster sauce)

  2. Egg fried rice

  3. 10 beef balls

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