I have some Boya Chinese textbooks and want to buy more to have a complete set to work through. Searching for the books, I find very strange naming conventions. Here are some examples:

  • Elementary 1
  • Elementary Start
  • Intermediate I
  • Quasai-Intermediate 1
  • Intermediate Spurt I
  • Advanced Hover III
  • Pre-Intermediate Speed-Up
  • Reading and Writing

If I want to buy and work through a complete set, including any corresponding workbooks, what is the order?


I haven’t heard of this series before, but looking at information from the publisher (Peking University Press) and various booksellers I can see the following:

博雅汉语 = Boya Chinese (1st edition, published around 2004–2009)

  • 初级起步篇I = Elementary starter I
  • 初级起步篇II = Elementary starter II
  • 准中级加速篇I = Pre-intermediate speed up I
  • 准中级加速篇II = Pre-intermediate speed up II
  • 中级冲刺篇I = Intermediate spurt I
  • 中级冲刺篇II = Intermediate spurt II
  • 高级飞翔篇I = Advanced hover I
  • 高级飞翔篇II = Advanced hover II
  • 高级飞翔篇III = Advanced hover III

博雅汉语 = Boya Chinese (2nd edition, published around 2012–2016)

  • 初级起步篇I = Elementary I
  • 初级起步篇II = Elementary II
  • 准中级加速篇I = Quasi-intermediate I
  • 准中级加速篇II = Quasi-intermediate II
  • 中级冲刺篇I = Intermediate I
  • 中级冲刺篇II = Intermediate II
  • 高级飞翔篇I = Advanced I
  • 高级飞翔篇II = Advanced II

In addition to these main textbooks there are various extras, like the Guide books aimed mainly at teachers and Reading and writing giving extra resources.

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