I have rode this automated people mover inside Hong Kong airport and the voice always says "Please hold the handrail during the whole journey" everytime when the train starts to move and after announcing the next stop. How do you write it in Chinese (or maybe even in Cantonese)?

If you don't know what I mean, here is the link to it: https://youtu.be/-CgqmrWGIEY?t=54

(P.S. That is not my YouTube video, just an example)

Thank you very much in advance to those who answer.

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In the video the Mandarin is:


This Google webcache also says:

九巴的勸喻,貼在車廂扶手左右:「 上 車 後 請 沿 途 緊 握 扶 手 」,英 語「 Please hold the handrail during the whole journey. 」為 九 巴 的 愛 心 ,我 不 能 不 長 嘆,釋放善意。

It seems like a common saying on public transportation in HK.


Try 请(您)全程握紧扶手. Compare to 请您全程系好安全带.

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