I came across 家医院 in example sentences in an anki deck I downloaded. I know that 医院 means hospital. I tried to look up 家医院 in two dictionaries but could not find it.

What is 家医院? Is it equivalent to 医院?

It appears for example in the following sentence:



家 is the measurement word for 医院


The phrase is 那家医院(that hospital). more examples: 一家医院; 这家医院; etc.

那医院 is not natural. We say 那家医院. 家 is probably a measure word. E.g 一家,两家,三家,开一家商店,... ...


"家医院" alone does not make sense. From your sentence, you should break it into

他 在 那家 医院 工作

He works in that hospital.

那家 is a function word, which you can replace with "that" in English.

Equivalently, you can also use 那个=那家

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