McDonald's Big Mac box with 巨无霸 written on it

Question: Why is a Big Mac called 巨无霸 (jùwúbà)?

Translating the individual hanzi:

  • (jù) = huge
  • (wú) = without
  • (bà) = tyrant; lord

So 巨 seems reasonable (essentially the "big" part of "Big Mac"), but the rest doesn't make sense to me.


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巨无霸 (巨毋霸) was a historical character who was famous for being a giant. Later people commonly use '巨无霸' as a nickname for something that is 'giant size'. For example, compare to modern dragonfly's modest 1-4 inches length, the dragonfly- like Meganeuropsis was no doubt a 'giant'(巨无霸) with it's 18 inches long body

Meganeuropsis- 青蜓中的巨无霸 (giant among dragonflies)


巨无霸 is not a translation of 'Big Mac', it is a Chinese name for 'Big Mac' . Someone gave 'Big Mac' this Chinese name because the selling point of 'Big Mac' is "it is BIG"

'Big Mac' is 'giant' among hamburgers


巨无霸 means big, no other can compare. It really fits the Big Mac's character.


Big Mac=巨无霸 BROCKEN GIGANT=巨无霸 Maximals=巨无霸(《Transfomers :Beast War》)

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