They seem to be defined identically in this usage case (though 摔 has other meanings). Is there any difference in usage?

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    You also might want to know: 抛 - it's a very common way to say throw as in throw a ball (抛球).
    – Mou某
    Jun 26 '19 at 2:50

When 摔, 扔, 投 mean 'to throw':

  • 摔 is a more forceful throw. For example, '把杯子摔在地上' (you throw the cup onto the ground with considerable force)

  • 扔 is a more generally directed throw. For example, '把垃圾扔在地上' (you just throw the garbage onto the ground, doesn't matter which direction)

  • 投 is a more specifically aimed throw. For example, '把篮球投入篮中' (you aim and throw the basketball into the basket)

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