They are defined in a similar way. What is the difference in usage?

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抢 - snatch; vie for: '抢' emphasizes the 'contesting' nature of 'taking by force'

夺 - seize; compete; deprive; decide: '奪' emphasizes the 'possessing' result of 'taking by force'

Look at the word 抢夺 (snatch; seize; take by force; steal):

  • 抢 (to snatch) mainly describes the action. If someone is in the process of grabbing money by force, we say it is an act of 抢钱, not 夺钱

  • 夺 (seize) mainly describes the result. If someone completed seizing power from the other, we say it is an act of 夺权, not 抢权 (抢权 imply you are still fighting for the power)

Example with more context:

  • '意图夺权' means you 'intend to seize power'; '意图抢权' means 'intend to vie for power'

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