This is from my 3-rd grade Chinese 语文 book (transcript is here):


Question: Why is there repetition of the measure words in 一把把小扇子 and 一枚枚邮票?

I would guess this is for poetic reasons, but I'm not sure. I've never seen this before.

The use above seems different to the question What is the meaning of "一把把" on "他更是一把把她的书包给枪了过去“? where it seems only the first 把 is the measure word.


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There is a similar question What does the second "幅” mean in the following sentence?

My answer there should be applicable here too.

"一幅幅" in "一幅幅美丽的山水画" mainly means 'one after another'

With the same logic, 一把把小扇子 and 一枚枚邮票 means "one small fan after another" and "one stamp after another" (meaning many fans and many stamps)

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