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I think this might be a brand name . I have this little charm and I’m dying To find where iit comes from. Or how to buy more. Thank you INCREDIBLY for your help.

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    Wrong forum. It's Japanese and upside down. – monalisa Jun 30 at 20:43
  • LOLOL THANK YOU! – Jaime Wells Jul 21 at 20:10

It's Japanese and it says:

Guriko (Glico) グリコ

Kafeore (Café au lait) カフェオーレ

Glico is a food brand and Kafeore is one of its product lines: http://www.cafeore.jp/info/

  • Oh you translated it!!! IM SO HAPPY!! And impressed! I can’t thank you guys enough! – Jaime Wells Jul 21 at 20:12

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