What is the function of 哩 in 哩兩個人好相似?

And how different is it if you just say 兩個人好相似?

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The standard character for ni1 / nei1 is 呢, not , which mean 'mile'


in this context functions as 'this'

呢 (this)

兩個人 (two persons)

好相似 (very alike)


jyutping: ni1 / nei1

[粵][pron][adj] this


And how different is it if you just say 兩個人好相似?

  • 呢兩個人好相似 (this two people are very alike)

  • 兩個人好相似 (two people are very alike)

It is just like omitting 'this' in "(this) two people are very alike" in English.

You can omit '呢/this' if we know which two persons the sentence is referring to

  • Thanks. I was reading lecture notes from a cantonese site and this came as the transcription. I am familiar with the standard usage for “this”. Thanks again
    – cgo
    Jul 17, 2019 at 6:31

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