I am not so familiar with how you say this in english grammar. But how do you say this pattern in cantonese?

For example: the bag you asked me to buy.

What is the syntax when translating to cantonese ?


“The (n) you asked me to (v)”

  1. 你叫我(v)嗰個(n)


“The (bag) you asked me to (buy)” = "你叫我(買)嗰個(袋)"

“The (person) you asked me to (kill)” = "你叫我(殺)嗰個(人)"

  1. 嗰個你叫我(v)嘅(n)


“The (bag) you asked me to (buy)” = "嗰個你叫我(買)嘅(袋)"

“The (person) you asked me to (kill)” = "嗰個你叫我(殺)嘅(人)"

個 is the classifier for the noun, replace 個 with other classifier when necessary

For example:



The classifier for '事' is '件', not '個'

In many cases, you cannot transfer English grammar directly into Chinese sentence, this is one of them "嗰個袋(that bag) 你叫我買 (you asked me to buy)" is not grammatical in Chinese

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