Related to the video game Dishonored. I'm not looking for the characters for 'Ashamed' or 'Insulted', words that would not work to properly describe in English the game title :D. Any other choices? I need something like 'I lost my honor by being betrayed' or 'the betrayal stole my honor'. Thanks!

  • 耻辱 or 羞辱, 被人出卖是我的耻辱, 对我是一种羞辱. It's a noun, In modern Chinese, we usually describe it with a noun. 蒙羞 is the more accurate one to dishonored, but the word is only used in classical Chinese. btw, the video game is called 耻辱 or 羞辱 by Chinese.
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The game is called

  • 耻辱 on the mainland.

  • 羞辱 also on the mainland

  • 冤罪杀机 in HK & TW

Some of the details might not be 100% accurate as it looks like Wikipedia is giving contradictory information.

Dishonored 2:

  • 耻辱2 (Mainland)

  • 羞辱2 (Mainland)

  • 冤罪杀机 (HK & TW)

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I'd say 背叛之辱 is pretty good as it means feeling humiliated after being betrayed


"汉奸", "狗汉奸" or "叛徒"
Pronounced as Han Jian, Gou Han Jian, or Pantu.


Can you transliterate "Dishonored" and use "狄仕安纳特" /Dí shì ān nà tè/ ? The original meanings of the characters are irrelevant

As for translation, I think 雪恥者 (the one who seeks to restore his honor) is quite simple and direct . The one who lost his honor by being betrayed would naturally make restore his honor his mission in life

Chinese editors have a habit of renaming foreign titles instead of translate them, you can give it a new name base on the plot.

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