Anyone knows how to type a Simplified Chinese degree symbol (°) on a regular English keyboard? Thanks.

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    What is a "Simplified Chinese degree symbol"? Are you talking about「度」? – droooze Aug 9 at 16:02
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    @droooze I would've thought s/he meant some full-space Chinese version of the degree symbol like , instead of , but there's no such unicode mark. I would've thought s/he meant some fast encoding of the degree symbol on Chinese keyboards, but default Chinese keyboards don't produce degree signs either. So, yeah, I have no idea what they're talking about. – lly Aug 9 at 18:18
  • I tried to display °(Alt+0176) in my Chinese application. It displayed garbage when I compiled and ran my program. I assume there must be a different ° in Chinese code page. I may have found one a minute ago, which is Atl+0186. It displays a ° with an underscore. Not sure if it is the right one. – Staytuned123 Aug 9 at 18:56

Chinese word processors have the option to use U+2103 ℃ or U+2104 ℉, to get over the typographical problem of displaying a degree much closer to the C or F than otherwise allowable in fullwidth text.

However, it is also true that the Chinese 度 is used more commonly in everyday text and in most newspapers; my personal contact with ℃ has been in academic papers.

Both of these are in the Unicode block "Letterlike Symbols", alongside ℏ, the "Planck constant Over Two Pi" U+210F and Ω the Ohm sign U+2126; most common is likely the ™ trademark sign U+2122, also repurposed in modern Chinese's Internet slang.


In China,people use input software to type.For me,I choose Baidu Input.So I just type "du" on keyboard,then I can choose ° from it,or as I type "wendu" on keyboard,℃ is on the list for choose.


Maybe, you should need a Chinese Input application. You can use this symbol:"。。。。。"

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