I bought these stickers at a reuse store and I'm not sure what it says, and if the words seem fitting, I was going to but it on my binder I will use for my Mandarin classes.enter image description here

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    Vertical text. Place them vertically. – OmniBus Aug 10 at 6:30
  • Already answered, so I'll just provide character by character translation: 萬 (ten thousand) 事 (things/affairs) 如 (like/according to) 意 (though/desire) So literally the phrase translates as "[May] ten thousand things [happen] as [one] wishes") – Drunken Master Aug 19 at 8:40

萬事如意 /wan4 shi4 ru2 yi4/ (May everything be as you wish)

This is one of those auspicious sayings people use around Chinese New Year. People often say this to one another, and/or write the four characters on red paper to use as wall decoration around Chinese New Year.

You can certainly use them to decorate your binder. Happy learning!



Google translate: Good luck

My interpretation: May all things go your way

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