I was wondering how to say and write mixer in Chinese? This is the type of mixer I'm asking about:

enter image description here

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For a general and literal translation, the answer is exactly what @Tang Ho had mentioned: 搅拌机

However, in regard to the specific type of model you referred, 打蛋器 Eggbeater may be a better translation with less ambiguity in daily life.

That is because, 搅拌机 is often interpreted as something like:

搅拌机 搅拌机

while by searching 打蛋器, the following content can be most likely found:

打蛋器 打蛋器


On http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/scripts/wordsearch.php , input 'mixer' in the searching field, choose 'English meaning' and search. It will display the results related to 'mixer'

攪拌機 :mixer; blender

攪拌器 :beater; blender; mixer

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