I'm trying to say "the park is great for playing" but I can only think about saying 公園很好玩的地方。Is there a way where I can describe the park as being a good or the best place for playing? thanks


"The park is (for) playing" = 這公園(是用於)遊樂()

or 這公園是遊樂(用的)


"The park is great (for) playing" = 這公園是很適合(用於)遊樂()

or 這公園是很適合()遊樂(用的)

Other example:

"Handgun is (for) killing people" = "手槍是(用於)殺人()" or "手槍是殺人(用的)"

"Handgun is good (for) killing people" = "手槍是很適合(用於)殺人()" or "手槍是很適合()殺人(用的)"

用於 is a more literary term. The colloquial term is 用来


I think you won't always use a Chinese word for for when translating. Your sentence doesn't need it.

The park is a great place for playing in.

Mostly, for will turn up in translation, when you need it, as 给 or 为

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