In Xi Jinping's 2018/2019 New Year Address there is this phrase: 我看望了彝族村民吉好也求、节列俄阿木两家人

The official (?) translation is only vague: "I visited the families of two villagers from the Yi people"

I wonder about what a close translation would look like. Judging from news reports, I take it that 吉好也求 is a name. Also 节列俄阿木 seems to be a name. Is it? Or does it refer to a "Russian(-Afghan?) section"?


Yes it is a name. It is a name of a man of Yi nationality, so it is different from most Chinese names (those of Han nationality).




是中国少数民族 彝族 的姓名 (this is "Yi National" of the Chinese minority name)

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