The first letter of a sentence in Pinyin is to be capitalized. Does this remain true if the sentence starts with an arabic numeral? For instance, Google Translate turns "23万人" into "23 Wàn rén" instead of "23 wàn rén", as one may expect from European languages.

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    I suspect that if you can answer an equivalent question for English, then you get the same answer for Pinyin. Is it 30 Dogs suddenly ran out of the pound or 30 dogs suddenly ran out of the pound? The latter makes more sense. – droooze Sep 10 at 12:17
  • @drooze: Yes, that is what would have expected. But with Google Translate handling this case differently, I wonder whether Google has a reason for doing so. The rules that I am able to find don't seem to handle this case. – user22495 Sep 10 at 12:54

Wouldn't the number be written out in Pinyin? i.e.:

Èr shí sān wàn rén

  • Very often it is not. Instead of Arabic numbers they also could use Chinese numbers 二十三万人, but is is quite often a mixture. – metters Sep 10 at 10:53

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