Can somebody tell me what 友並表 means? I know that 友 means friend.


In your question, the second word '並' is a variation of the word '并', which we use more often in daily life. But this phrase semms meaningless. Maybe something goes wrong.

  • Maybe you should declare that you learned Chinese with learning materials from Mainland China, Malaysia, or Singapore, because many people who learned Chinese do not use 并. – droooze Sep 17 at 8:01

I'm a learner, but I might have a try at answering this question:


友 pertains to "friend", typically used in 朋友 (friend), 友好 (friendly) and 友谊 (friendship).


並 is the traditional character, 并 is the simplified character. By itself 并 means "and" which I believe is a shortened version of 并且 ("and", "furthermore"). Often it's combined with other characters, commonly in e.g. 并不 which means "not" but more emphatically than by itself.


表 is used in a few words with fairly distinct meanings. By itself, it means "surface" (but usually used in the longer form 表面), but is also used to mean "table" (as in Table 1 in a paper would be called 表1) or "form" (as in, a form that you can fill in 填表). Sometimes by itself 表 means 手表 "watch" (as in wristwatch). It's used is other words like 表示 ("show" or "express"; similar to 表现), 代表 ("representative" e.g. of a country), 发表 ("publish"), and 表演 ("perform").

Jointly, 友並表 doesn't seem to have any real meaning. Searching for "友並表" in Baidu gives no relevant hits.

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