I'm pretty sure that "good enough" is 够好,but I'm not sure if this structure can be extended to all adjectives.

Would the same structure work for all/most adjectives?

Is it good enough? -> 够好吗?
Is he strong enough? ->
Is the horse fast enough? ->
My tea isn't sweet enough. -> 

Could anyone offer translation for the sentences above?

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Yes [够 + adj] = [adj +enough]. It works for all adjectives

Is it good enough? -> 这够好吗?

Is he strong enough? -> 他够强吗?

Is the horse fast enough? -> 这匹马够快吗?

My tea isn't sweet enough. -> 我的茶不够甜


[够 + noun] = [enough + noun]

够钱吗? -> Is it enough money?

够人了 -> there are enough people

[verb + 够 ] = [verb + enough]

打够了吗? -> hit (object) enough?

这痛苦我受够了 -> I've had enough of this pain

  • 钱够吗 -> Is it enough money? 人够了 -> there are enough people.
    – xenophōn
    Commented Sep 25, 2019 at 7:47

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