What is the purpose of 作为此 in this sentence:

本指南仅介绍了作为此 CPython 版本的一部分提供的创建扩展的基本工具

It is translated here as

This guide only covers the basic tools for creating extensions provided as part of this version of CPython.

So I guess it means something akin to as in English. Would 作为 also work or is 作为此 required?

Is there an alternative way of wording this sentence to not use 作为此

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I think you have slightly misparsed the syntax of the statement.

Let us put some spacing and some brackets around the largest blocks:

本指南 仅 介绍了 [ 作为 此CPython版本 的 一部分 提供 的 创建 扩展 的 ] 基本工具

We can see that modifies CPython 版本 and does not "belong to" 作为.


Pre- translate:
本指南仅介绍了作为此 CPython 版本的一部分
This guide only introduces as/for this CPython version 的 part

provide 的 found/establish/create extend/extension 的 basic tool

本指南仅介绍了作为此 CPython 版本的一部分提供的创建扩展的基本工具
This guide covers only the basic tools for creating extensions that are provided as part of this CPython release.

作为 = for
此 = this
作为此 CPython 版本
for this version of CPython

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