I still do not get how to use 该 in a sentence. For example,

就该吃饭了, you can just say 就吃饭了, can't you? How do you use 该 properly in a sentence because I don't get its purpose.

  • You can say 该吃饭了. Time to eat.
    – dan
    Sep 27 '19 at 12:07

就该吃饭了 is missing a subject for example 你
=> 你 (現在就) 该吃饭了 You should be eating now

就吃饭了 is not grammatically correct, it's missing 要 and a subject
=> 我 (就) 吃饭了 I 'm going to eat

该吃饭了 is proper because it implies the subject to be I/You
该吃饭了 means I/You should be eating now, or Time to eat.


I thought more along the lines of:


Just for fun, I thought I would try to say "我们吃该饭了。“ where 该 means "this". That does not sound good to Chinese ears I'm told! No! No! No!

We can say:

Why don't you like 该饭??Why can't you put 该 with 饭 or 餐?

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